Karen's Essential Healing - Karen Essential Healing
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Karen’s Essential Healing

RTT is a method of rapid transformation which shifts the way the mind processes information by means of a healing hypnosis. RTT heals deep rooted, core issues, realigning thoughts, feelings and behaviors, allowing you to move past blocks and patterns, inhibiting you from living the life, we all deserve.

During my time as an RTT therapist and coach I have found there are basic principles which impact us on a daily basis:

  • The meaning one attaches to events in our lives has a large influence on the quality of our lives .
  • What we imagine events to mean will determine the way we feel about ourselves, about people in our lives and about the world at large.
  • How you feel directly impacts your behaviour and your health .
  • Learning to listen and interpret messages from within , will bring you the  balance and inner harmony reconnecting and realigning your body ,mind & spirit.
  • When you have clarity you are focused, when you are focused, you are empowered.

This life changing therapy moves you towards ultimate well being, health happiness and joy.

My personal experience with RTT transformed my state of mind ,my outlook, growing new perceptions new connections , ridding me of blocks and patterns that I’d carried since my childhood, I am now experiencing a meaningful, purposeful life, with  much joy and happiness.

Now it is my life’s work, assisting others to also, experience a purposeful life, with joy and happiness.